About Online Celtic Jewelry

Hello there, and welcome to, or as we say here in Ireland, céad míle fáilte romhat (that translates as a hundred thousand welcomes to you).

My name is Niamh O’Connor and I am the captain of the ship! Together with my husband Sean, we set up

So why did we decide to set up a celtic jewelry business I hear you ask? It’s simple really, because I’ve worked in the jewelry business my whole life, in fact you could say I was born in to it. I’m proud to be a third generation jeweller, and today I still work in the family business with my Mum and Dad, who have taught me pretty much everything there is to know about jewelry. They in turn learnt everything they know from my Grandad, who first opened his jewelry shop way back in 1949 in Dublin, Ireland.

If you are looking for celtic or claddagh jewelry from the heart of Ireland, you have come to the right place.

We offer a great collection of beautiful, authentic Irish celtic and claddagh jewelry.

We trawl the island of Ireland on a permanent basis to find you the finest pieces of Irish celtic and claddagh jewelry. We have personally selected each piece of jewelry in our collection and are very fussy about what makes it in to the collection.

So what is it that we look for when choosing jewelry for our collection? Well there are three key qualities for us in every piece of jewelry:

  • It’s Style – it goes without saying that when choosing jewelry, its style is the most important decision for you, making it the most important decision for us too. It’s our job to find that special piece of jewelry that is just right for you.
  • It’s Finish – there is nothing more frustrating than finding a perfectly styled piece of jewelry that you just love, only to discover the quality of the finish falls well below your expectations. A high quality finish is vital to us when selecting any piece of jewelry for our collection. A smooth finish with no rough edges to the touch, and no imperfections, is an absolute must in order to make it in to our collection.
  • It’s Authenticity – all of our jewelry is hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, Ireland, as a sign of its quality and authenticity. This gives you complete peace of mind and confidence that the jewelry you are buying is actually made from the precious metal you believe it to be, and not an imitation or substandard metal.

In addition to making sure we only sell the best quality jewelry, we believe in the old adage that the customer is king. We strive to offer the best quality customer service to every one of our customers.